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The Best Brainwave Entrainment Technology?

The basic idea for brainwave entrainment technology came from the observation that some pieces of music seemed to be relaxing for reasons beyond just the pleasant tune. Upon further investigation it was found that some music actually has rhythms and beats that slow the brainwave frequencies of the listener. This creates a meditative state as the frequencies that are dominant in the brain slow to below 14 hertz, or cycles-per-second.

Once it was known that sounds could have this effect, it was an obvious next step to try to purposefully produce the effect. That is what modern meditation CDs do. Listen to one, and the beats embedded in the background music or other sounds will guide the brain. Soon the listener will feel relaxed and will enter an Alpha state of consciousness (8 to 14 hertz) or deeper states, depending on the recording.

Which of the many products available now is best is open for debate. In fact, there are now so many high-quality recordings that use brainwave entrainment technology, that it may be more important to look at other, more personal factors. For example, some recordings use music for a background, while others use various synthesized sounds or sounds of nature.

One of the best programs I have found is linked to below.

 The Best Brainwave Entrainment Technology?

Try The Meditation Program

Click on the link above NOW. I highly recommend this program.

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