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What is Brainwave Entrainment?

The basic idea of brainwave entrainment starts with the fact that electrical activity in our brains happens at certain frequencies, and that various ranges of these frequencies are associated with different states of consciousness. When you are wide awake and engaged in some physical or mental activity, for example, your brain waves are typically in the Beta range, meaning they are mostly between 14 and 30 hertz or cycles-per-second.

A meditative state is usually associated with slower electrical activity. Light meditation takes place when a person is in an Alpha state, and deeper experiences are usually in a Theta or even a Delta state of consciousness.

If we can "entrain" our brainwaves then, meaning guide them using some technology, we can slow them down to the frequencies that allow for a meditative state. After it was discovered that some music had this effect, technologies were developed to do this more systematically. Certain beats or sounds are embedded in a background of music or nature sounds or anything else in a recording, and by listening (usually with headphones) you are guided into as deeper state of consciousness, or in the case of some recordings meant for purposes other than meditation, you are guided into a state of heightened brain activity (faster brainwaves).

There are a lot of products available now that use brainwave entrainment technologies. For those who have trouble disciplining themselves to meditate, or have trouble relaxing sufficiently, or who just want meditation to be easier, these are great tools. Pop in a CD and put on your headphones, or download a recording onto your MP3. Then you just listen, and you're guided into a relaxed and meditative state. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Which products are the best. There are several good ones. You can even try out the technology more cheaply be getting just one recording (the single CDs are usually designed to bring you into an Alpha state). Some options for that are covered on the page Other Meditation CDs, but for just a little more you can get a full program that has a set of recordings which take you down to deeper levels of meditation. Top recommendation? Right here:

 For the Best in Brainwave Entrainment Try The Meditation Program

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