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A List of Brainwave Frequencies

The following are the most commonly accepted designations of our states of consciousness, based and the range of brainwave frequencies at which they occur. Hertz is a measurement of electrical activity which represents cycles-per-second. There is also a brief explanation of what we normally experience in each of these states.

States of Consciousness and Associated Brainwave Frequencies

Beta: 14 - 30 hertz

This is our dominant rhythm or state of consciousness when awake. Normally a person in a beta state is alert or possibly anxious, with eyes open.

Alpha: 8 - 14 hertz

This is a state of relaxed alertness, also the state we are in when in a light meditation. It can often be induced by simply closing the eyes and relaxing one's body. There is some evidence that we are more creative when in this state.

Theta: 4 - 8 hertz

Most people feel drowsy when their brainwave frequencies are in this range. This is the first stage of sleep. Interestingly, though it's not common in awake adults, this state of consciousness has been found to be common in children when they are daydreaming.

Delta: below 5 hertz

Although some experienced meditators can slow their brainwaves below five hertz without falling asleep, normally a person is in deep sleep when their frequencies are in this range.

Meditation can stimulate the deeper states. Sounds can as well, which is the basis for brainwave entrainment technologies. These recordings allow you to achieve a theta state, for example, while sitting, so you do not fall asleep. One of the best of these products is recommended in the box below.

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