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Daily Meditation - How to Maintain the Routine

It can be difficult to stick with a daily meditation practice. Things happen, life gets busy and you miss your session one day. Then you miss another. Soon you find yourself forgetting to meditate for days at a time. How do you avoid this? Here are some tips to help you.

Make Daily Meditation Regular

A regular time will always make it easier to keep meditating daily. You might have to experiment a bit at first, to see what time works best for you, but then you should settle on a particular time each day. Mornings are most often effective because you can do your meditation before anything else is happening that might interrupt you. Evenings just before going to sleep can work for some people, as long as bedtime is regular.

You also may decide on two or more sessions daily. In that case the morning one becomes important not only so you can fit your meditations into the day, but again because it is the one time that is easiest to remember and least likely to be interrupted. You can even have mini-meditations at work, which brings us to our next tip.

Have a "trigger" for short meditation sessions. It helps to have associate meditation with an event that happens regularly and to use that as an opportunity for a brief meditation. For example, if every time you shut off your car you close your eyes, sit quietly and breath deeply for a few minutes, you'll soon associate this mini-session with turning off the car, and so remember to do it easily.

Make Daily Meditation Easy

It generally helps to make anything easier if you want to do it regularly. This is certainly true of meditation. You can start by having a place in the house (or even in a shed or garage) set aside for your daily sessions. Set it up so whatever you need is there and ready to use. This can mean having in place a designated chair or pillow to sit on, leaving candles ready to light if you happen to use them, and so on.

Of course one of the things that can make meditation easiest is a good brainwave entrainment program. Have the CD or MP3 ready so you can just put on the headphones and hit "play." These tools are especially important in today's busy world, where we are easily distracted by activities and more to the point, by our own thoughts.

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