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Daily Meditations

Three Daily Meditations

The following three daily meditations each address a different purpose. You can choose one or more that you think might be helpful and try them out. It is generally best to use one daily for several weeks to get the best results.

In each case, start by breathing deeply several times, closing your eyes, and letting the tension drain from your body. Then let your breath fall into a comfortable rhythm and repeat the phrases for the meditation you are using at least a few times before sitting quietly for a few minutes and paying attention just to your breathing.

1. Meditation for Overcoming Limitations

I do not know what is possible...
I do not know what is impossible...
I am open to doing more than I think I can...

2. Meditation for Inner Peace

Open my mind to how things really are...
Open my eyes to see the good and the bad...
Open my soul to being at peace with all that is...

3. Meditation to Bring You Into the Moment

I will allow the past to be no more than a lesson...
I will allow the future to unfold without expectation...
I will see the beauty of and do the work of this moment...

Even Easier Daily Meditations

If you have trouble with the above meditations, you may want to try them using brainwave entrainment recordings to help you into a deeper meditative state. My recommendation? It's right here:

For Help With Those Daily Meditations, Try The Meditation Program

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