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Holosync Meditation - A Review

By Steve Gillman

Over the years I've tried at least six or seven brainwave entrainment products, starting with Holosync Meditation CDs from Centerpointe. Both my wife and I used the latter for quite a while in 2006, so I can report on both of our experiences.

Holosync From Centerpointe

The Centerpointe Research Institute's Holosync program is widely considered to be one of the best meditation or brainwave entrainment products out there. As mentioned we first tried their products several years ago. We bought their "Level One: Awakening Prologue." It was an interesting experience for me because this was the first time I had used brainwave entrainment recordings for meditation, and these are powerful. Meditating without this technology had never resulted in such easy and deep states of consciousness.

It really is as easy as popping in one of the CDs, putting on the headphones and listening while sitting comfortably. The recording does the work to bring you into a deeper state of consciousness. Although it is not an important point, I particularly liked the backgrounds, which is the sound of rain on the CD that we started with, and some Eastern-sounding instrumentals on other ones.

In addition to using them for meditation, I discovered I could use the CDs as a way to go to sleep at night, or use them for a "power nap" during the day. All I have to do is lay down while listening to the recordings. This put me to sleep the first time I tried it, and they still put me to sleep every time I use them this way.

For my wife the benefits seemed to go beyond just easier meditation. After a few weeks of using them, she felt less anxious and stressed, and more self-aware throughout the day. These effects lasted even when she stopped using the CDs regularly. We both agree that they're powerful recordings.

Holosync meditation CDs come with a great guarantee. You can check out the specifics, but as I recall you get at least several months to decide if they work for you, and you can get a refund at any point during that time. We never used the email and phone support, but I understand that they actually answer the phone and provide great support by email as well.

Now for the bad news: These are expensive. Even the first level is much more expensive than the program I recommend below, and the subsequent levels that Centerpointe recommends get even pricier. You can spend thousands of dollars if you complete their entire program (we decided not to buy the more expensive levels). Still, the quality of their products and support is excellent, so if you can afford the price I would encourage you to buy Centerpointe's products.

If you are on a a tighter budget you might want to check out a program that I found to be as powerful as Centerpointe's -- The Meditation Program. Click that link for a review or use the link below to go to their site.

Looking for a Powerful but Cheaper Alternative?

Try The Meditation Program

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