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To get the meditation book, Mind Power Meditation, for free, just sign up on the homepage of Best Meditation CDs. (There is also a form in the sidebar to the right.) Here is the introduction and table of contents for the book, followed by a few comments about it.


People meditate to reduce stress, to find peace of mind, to heal themselves and to connect with some ultimate source. Although these reasons may be touched on here in passing, this book is about the use of meditation to increase the power of one's mind. Though this purpose is not commonly part of the "sales pitch" for meditation, you can greatly improve your creativity, the depth of your insights and clarity of thought by regularly meditating.

Table of Contents

1 - A Meditation Story

2 - Meditation and Mind Power

3 - Three Easy Meditations

4 - Other Meditation Techniques

5 - Meditation Tips

6 - Meditation Music

7 - Brainwave Entrainment

8 - A Review of The Meditation Program

9 - The Promise Of Meditation

I start the book with my own true story about a meditation done standing in front of a pond. An excerpt:

When my mind had at last quieted a bit, I opened my eyes and looked again at the pond... Nothing had changed - or so my mind told me. But it definitely seemed different to my senses. The colors of the trees on the hills were more vibrant, the sounds of the geese clearer, and the wind seemed to dance across the surface of the water instead of just moving it. In fact, the whole scene seemed like something new to me, even though I had seen it many times, including just seven minutes earlier... I felt at peace, and I...

You get the idea. Although the book is primarily about using meditation as a kind of mind-training, it does touch on other aspects as well. Sign up to get a chapter by email every few days, and after the nine mailings you'll also get the whole thing as a PDF ebook.

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I love these brainwave entrainment recordings. - Steve Gillman

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