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Click on the link above NOW. I highly recommend this program.

Here are some other meditation CDs that are available. These are single recordings, which might be a good idea for those who don't want the expense of a full meditation program but still want to try out brainwave entrainment.

Ultra-Deep Meditation CD

This one is a forty-five-minute CD that uses frequencies as slow as 3.5 hertz. It's designed to bring you into a deep meditative state. The length is a nice compromise, since the ten-minute recordings are often too short to get you into a fully relaxed state and some meditation CDs can be too long - especially if you have a tight schedule.

The bolder claims, such as increasing your intelligence, are questionable. But at less than $40 this is a good way to get introduced to using brainwave entrainment, although the full programs with multiple CDs are probably a better bet if you plan to make meditation a regular part of your life.

Digital Drug

This particular CD is meant to bring you through several states of consciousness as you listen to it. Some of these are meditative states, but this one is not meant to be like other meditation CDs. In fact, it is one of the few brainwave entrainment recordings that uses very high frequencies (up to 47 hertz), which will supposedly cause visualization effects. Other effects are said to be similar to those experienced on marijuana and LSD, but without the health and legal problems associated with those.

The recording is a full hour and likened by some to a mental roller coaster ride. Costing less than $40, it is another good introduction to brainwave entrainment.

 Looking For an Inexpensive Introduction to
Meditation Using Brainwave Entrainment?

Click here to check out the Ultra-Deep Meditation CD

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