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Meditation Downloads - The Advantages

I love the meditation downloads I have bought. My first brainwave entrainment recordings were in the form of CDs that I ordered online and received in the mail. These were high quality, but there are some real advantages to getting the recordings available for immediate downloading. Here are three:

1. Immediately Available

I had to wait for those first meditation CDs, but downloads are available anytime day or night, and in a few minutes at most (however long it takes you to pay and to download them. This isn't necessarily a big deal all the time, but it is nice to not have to wait.

2. Less Expensive

The first set of meditation recordings I bought as CDs cost almost exactly twice as much as the first ones I bought and immediately downloaded. Some products even offer both options (see my recommendation below), and it is always at a substantial discount for the ones that can be downloaded to your computer. This is natural, since they avoid the costs of physically producing CDs and shipping them.

3. Flexibility

Once you pay for your meditation downloads and have them in your computer, you can listen to them right then, You can also burn them to CDs if you like, or put them on your MP3 player. I suggest that you do one or the other of the last two options, just in case your computer ever crashes. In any case, you have options that might be more difficult with CDs (some may have anti-copy protection).

Obviously there are several key advantages to meditation downloads versus tapes or CDs. My recommendation for the best of the products out there? You can find it in the box below (and they also have CDs if you like). I personally skip the "registration backup" service on products like these, to save a few dollars. The service replaces any downloads you lose on your computer, but if you just immediately burn the recording to CDs or to your MP3 player you should be fine.

 The Best Meditation Downloads?

Try The Meditation Program

I love these things. - Steve Gillman

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