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Why a Meditation MP3?

What is so different about a meditation MP3 recording versus using a CD for meditating? It's all about the portability, and that matters more than you might think for some purposes.

My own first experience with brainwave entrainment was listening to a CD, and it was great. Well, the second or third were great. I believe I fell asleep the first time - these things can be very powerful. Sitting in a comfortable chair (as opposed to lying down, as I did the first time), and listening to a meditation CD put me into a very relaxed meditative state. I even learned to use the recordings for creative brainstorming while in the alpha state (I explain more about this elsewhere on the site).

Then I bought my first MP3 player, and as soon as I downloaded a brainwave entrainment recording onto it, I understood the limitations of the CDs, and the advantages of the newer technology. I went for a walk while listening, which I could never do comfortably with my clunky CD player. I carried the player in my front pocket and took it wherever I went so when I had some free time I could meditate easily. I couldn't do that with the CD player in the car because it didn't allow for headphones.

Having a one-ounce player makes a big difference. In fact, I have taken my MP3 player traveling with me, as I will do in a week when I go to Ecuador. I'll be able to sit on the beach and meditate as the sun sets, or just have a good session in the hotel room. I can take it wherever I go.

It is small, light, and has a long battery life. These are the primary advantages of a meditation MP3 recording versus a CD. It opens up possibilities that just aren't there or aren't so easy with a CD player. For a good example of one of those possibilities (which is one of my favorites), see our page on walking meditation.

As for the recording to use, my top recommendation is right here:

 The Best MP3 Meditation Downloads?

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I put them in my computer, on my MP3 player, and on CDs. - Steve

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