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The Meditation Program - A Review

(Taken from my ebook Mind Power Meditation. See the homepage to get your copy.)

This is my top recommendation for meditation CDs. - Steve Gillman

What makes the Meditation Program different from other brainwave entrainment products? I can tell you what I found from my own experience.

They don't sell you a single CD, but a series, similar to programs like Centerpointe's Holosync Audio Technology. But unlike others, you get all levels at once with this program. There are eight levels on six recordings.

You can get the CDs shipped to you or do as I did and download the MP3 files. I immediately put them on my own CDs and stored the files in two places as well. In this way I saved a bit because they charge less for the downloaded version. Storing them in several places meant I also didn't have to buy their back-up service that replaces lost files.

The first four recordings are about 30 minutes long, with two on each CD. The remaining four are an hour long, and each on their own CD. Here is a breakdown of the brainwave frequencies that they are meant to induce in you, along with the presumed effects:

Levels 1 and 2 - 10.5 to 11 hertz (alpha waves) - Relaxation and stress removal.

Levels 3 and 4 - 8 to 9.5 hertz (theta waves) - Deep relaxation and enhanced learning.

Level 5 - 7 to 8 hertz (theta waves) - Enhanced learning and memory boost.

Level 6 - 5.5 to 7 hertz (theta waves) - More creativity and intuition.

Level 7 - 4 to 5.5 hertz (theta waves) - Deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Level 8 - 2.5 to 3.5 hertz (theta waves) - Deep sleep and immune boost.

The last two recordings are in frequencies that are normally labeled Delta waves (typo on their part or difference of opinion?). I tend to doubt the specific effects that are claimed for each frequency range, and I don't think the science has developed far enough to say if these claims are true. It seems that most makers of these products make similar claims.

In any case I don't doubt the power of brainwave entrainment, and these audio recordings will certainly relax you, put you into a meditative state or put you to sleep depending on how you use them. I fell asleep quickly when I first tried them, probably because I made the mistake of laying down. As they explain, you really should sit up while listening (unless you want to use them to put you to sleep). You also need to listen with headphones.

When I have stayed awake while listening, it has been a very pleasant experience. I also tend to get very creative ideas while listening, so sometimes I keep a tape recorder or notebook handy to take notes as soon as the session ends.

I like listening when taking a walk (I put the recordings on my MP3 player for this purpose). That's the only time I listen with my eyes open, and though I doubt that I get my brainwaves down past the alpha range (even with the higher-level recordings) the experience is interesting. Things look "more real" (sorry, no other way to explain it), and I also have very creative thoughts during these sessions.

With your purchase you get access to an online user's guide that explains everything you need to know. It has "The Quick Fix Method" outlined if you want to start using the various recordings immediately for specific purposes, plus their "Recommended Listening Program" if you want to get the full effect. The latter covers an eight week plan.

I have used some of Centerpointe's Holosync CDs in the past, and I think The Meditation Program has CDs that are just as powerful. Both use various backgrounds on the recordings, ranging from music to sounds of nature.
I've had more than one person tell me that they really like the support that Centerpointe offers, but not being one to pick up the phone and discuss my experiences, I never used their support. The Meditation Program has online support by email, as well as the online materials that are part of the user's guide.

Having tried about six different brainwave entrainment products, I think this is one of the two best, with Holosync being the other. I can't say for sure which of these two is better, but I can tell you that The Meditation Program is a lot cheaper. You get all eight levels right up front for one price, with nothing to buy later.

Long Term Effects?

It's great to be able to pop in a CD and instantly relax. But what about long term effects from The Meditation Program or similar products?

According to the user's guide, this program can "help you break bad habits, perform at your peak, gain insights into the world around you, feel more alive and more in control of your life than ever before." They also claim that if you follow the Recommended Listening Program, many of the changes will be permanent. Similar things are said by Centerpointe and others.

I am skeptical, and I haven't seen much scientific evidence for such claims. On the other hand, there is no doubt that both my wife and I have greater peace of mind and we deal with problems more effectively since we started using brainwave entrainment products a few years ago. Correlation isn't causation, of course, so I won't speculate too much on this. I do know that I will continue to use The Meditation Program, and I'm very happy that I bought it.

For more info or to buy this program now, use this link: The Meditation Program

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