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Meditation Recordings - Three Uses

In the past meditation recordings were often just light music or gentle sounds of nature. Compositions by Bach and others that were shown to alter brainwaves were common too. Though they were relaxing recordings which may have helped with meditation, they didn't always induce a meditative state very effectively.

Modern meditation recordings use brainwave entrainment, meaning they have beats and sounds which directly entrain your brainwaves, causing them to slow down. These are usually masked in nice music or the sound of rain or other nature sounds. According to the frequencies used, they put you into an alpha state of consciousness or deeper states.

Such CDs and MP3 downloads make meditation easy, and that is the primary purpose they are used for. You pop in a CD, put on the headphones, then just sit back and listen as you are taken into a meditative state. But this isn't the only thing you can use these for. here are two more.

Meditation Recordings as a Sleep Aid

Listening while laying down often leads to sleep (it always does for myself). People don't often choose to use brainwave entrainment technologies for this purpose, but they work powerfully. Have insomnia? Put on the headphones and listen whenever you are ready to go to sleep at night, or just for a power-nap in the afternoon.

Meditation Recordings For Brainstorming

Brainwave entrainment recordings can be used for stimulating creativity when you need to brainstorm new ideas. You can define the problem you're working on (writing it down helps) and then have a meditation session using the CD just before going to work on it. The meditative state will clear your mind and hopefully leave you open to more creative approaches afterward.

You can also listen to meditation CDs while brainstorming ideas. Fir this you'll want one of the ones that aims for a light meditative state, because there is some evidence that we're most creative when in this "alpha state" (brainwaves at 8 to 24 hertz or seconds-per-cycle). Sometimes the concentration you develop when brainstorming can make it difficult to reach this light state of consciousness, but giving it a try won;t do any harm.

For Great Brainwave Entrainment Try The Meditation Program

I use these regularly and love them. - Steve Gillman

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