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By Robert Smith

It's one thing to think about an outdoor setting when you are meditating, but it's another thing to make plans for outdoor meditation. If you are looking for a nice place to have for meditation and contemplation, going outdoors might very well be your best bet. So what are some settings that you can go to in order to center your mind and your being?

Try somewhere close by for starters. Is there a park nearby that you would feel comfortable sitting down at? This could be a lovely place for outdoor meditation. There's nothing like being surrounded by gentle breezes, the warm sun, and the smell of fresh grass. That image alone could put someone in a peaceful state. Now imagine actually being there! You might find a patch of vibrant colored flowers to great you. Or there might be a pond at the park full of ducks and swans. All of these things provide a lovely backdrop for meditation.

Or, you could find a nice brook or a small body of water to practice your outdoor meditation. You could find either some large rocks to sit on, or simply stand by the flowing water. Hear it babbling and bubbling as it makes its way to its destination. Meditate on the rocks and the body of life at the bottom of the clear waters. Can't you feel it now? Water always provides a wonderful way to cleanse the mind during outdoor meditation sessions.

Meditation By Lake

Speaking of bodies of water, how about a lake or the beach? If there is a beach nearby, by all means get there! The roaring surf, the smell of the ocean and the sand, and the calming effects of the sun underneath it all provide intoxicating backdrops for outdoor meditation. You can bring a blanket, a chair, your favorite books, and a cooler full of refreshing drinks. It's probably a good idea to bring a notebook to record your thoughts and feelings. You'll get in touch with all of them while you are having some luxurious outdoor meditation time.

The purpose of meditation is to center your mind, and your inner being. Going to an outdoor locations for outdoor meditation can give you the experience that you need. You can create a mini-vacation for yourself; it'll be like your own retreat from the noise and frustrations of the world. You might find that when you set aside time for yourself to clear your head and get at peace with yourself, you'll be able to soar in the other areas of your life. Take some time for yourself to practice the wonders of meditation, and if you have the opportunity, get some outdoor meditation in as well.

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