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Which Relaxation CD?

Which relaxation CD is best? There may not be a definitive answer for everyone, but I do have a recommendation or two below. First, though, it's worth noting that there are a couple different types of CDs that are meant to relax you.

The first type has been around for a while, and simply has relaxing music or sounds of nature. These can be very relaxing, especially if you enjoy the particular content on the recording. But they are not nearly as powerful as the new products that use brainwave entrainment technologies.

The ones that use brainwave entrainment to slow your brainwaves require that you listen with headphones. Beyond that there is nothing you need to do but hit the play button and listen as your brain and body are slowed and relaxed. Here is one that is relatively inexpensive and uses the latest technology:

Click Her For the Total Relaxation CD

You'll notice that they even tell you which frequencies are used. Most of these kinds of recordings are sold as meditation CDs, and if you want one that takes you a bit deeper, you can try this one:

Click here to check out the Ultra-Deep Meditation CD

Also, rather than buy a single relaxation CD, you might want to spend just a little bit more and get a full meditation program with multiple recordings. My favorite? The Meditation Program. You can click the banner below for more information on that.

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